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Wollmeise Sock Yarn

Received my very very first skein of Wollmeise Sock Yarn bidded at eBay on 1 August and just couldn’t wait to wind it in a ball to start the wellenschlag.

A pattern by Jana Huck, a designer from Germany. http://justblocked.blogspot.hk

A triangular shawl working from one side of the pointy tip up to the other side. Started Chart 1 & 2 and tried to get the rhythm from it. Cleverly written and will never get bored from it as you will want to what comes next!


3 August 2013
Got stuck when I knitted the second repeat of wedge pattern…..


Re-read the pattern again and again and still couldn’t figure out what went wrong with my wedge growing unusually bigger on one side. Finally found out I mis-reading/over-reading one word in the pattern.


knitting is getting into rhythm and am feeling comfortable and confident with the pattern…..